Posters by me


Treatment of the very young unilateral esotropia with binasal occlusion and techniques which promote the symmetrical use of the body and of the visual system

I did this poster with Tina Esposito, OD and it was presented at the annual COVD meeting in 2015 

comparison of the measurement of contrast sensitivity threshold using sine wave gratings and sloan letters on a lcd-based testing screen

This was presented at the 2015 AAO meeting. This is work done with M&S Technologies on contrast sensitivity, tested with individual Sloan letters or sine wave gratings. We developed a step algorithm going from non-seeing to seeing that gets to threshold very quickly.

Validation of the Dyop Acuity test

This was my first trip to ARVO in 2015 and I was amazed at the meeting. This poster shows the work on a novel new target for measuring visual acuity invented by Allan Hytowitz. It show great promise but needs more development. I hope someone carries it on.

A comparison of backlit etdrs va chart to m&s technologies automated etdrs va chart

This study showed that a computer based automated ETDRS system was faster and easy to use and came up with the same visual acuity measures as the backlit charts used in so many research protocols.

validation of the effect of glare on contrast sensitivity under mesopic and photopic conditions

This study, using the Halladay Bull’s Eye target helped to establish the exact amount of glare that decreased contrast sensitivity by 0.1 across a wide range of mesopic and photopic spatial frequency targets.


managing diplopia in tbi with fresnel prisms and leapfrogging

This poster was presented at the 2015 AAO meeting and it explains how we manage diplopia in a number of creative ways. I first mentioned leapfrogging prisms in this poster.  

a comparison of three tests of stereo acuity

Presented at the 2015 AAO meeting. We compared three different stereo tests, specifically; Wirt circles from the Stereo Fly, Wirt circles with random dot background, and the Randot 3, which goes to 12.5 seconds of arc and is all global. See which one is best! 

Validation study of new lcd based contrast sensitivity testing method

Funded by M&S Technologies this study helped to validate a new method of test contrast sensitivity that is similar to Peli Robson CS but allows the user to select different size letters for testing. This uses the same algorithm of going from non-seeing to seeing.

optometry student attitudes towards visual electrodiagnostic testing

This poster was inspired by my colleague, Dr. Trish Cisarik. We did a survey before and then again after my doing a hands-on training session with the Konan EvokeDx and found a positive shift.

exploring the effect of a notch filter on color contrast sensitivity in color normal and color deficient young healthy adults - a pilot study

This study was also done with Dr. Cisarik and we explored how the Enchroma lenses affected isolated cone contrast sensitivity using the Konan ColorDx.

validation of standardized testing protocol for the clinical application of colored filters

This shows that therapeutic colors are not chosen by those who don’t have migraines, seizure disorders, or mild TBI’s and that those with these conditions are helped in about 40% of cases.