Memphis, TN - Home Sweet Home

(August 4, 2018)

About to enter my 9th year at SCO and loving it more than ever. Memphis, TN is now HOME SWEET HOME and I only wish I got back East more often to be in person with my kids and their families. Research is really picking up and the big band I play in, the Memphis Knights Big Bnad is playing regularly in a local site which many from SCO come to and enjoy the fun. If you are in town, get in touch. 


(February 21, 2016)

To say that I'm lovin' it would be just about right!  I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of my responsibilities here at Southen College of Optometry.  I'm in the classroom with students, in the clinics with students and residents, very involved in research now, which I had so wanted to pursue, and the best thing that has happened is that I found the love of my life and am married to Debra. We celebrated our one-year anniversary in January and look for many more years of happiness together!  


I've had time to write one a book chapter, to collaborate on one more and to begin to submit the first of what I hope to be several research proposals.  The interaction with the faculty, staff and adminstration has been equally fantastic.  I'm still traveling with a course in Switzerland in the Fall.  I'll be returning to Switzerland in February and then going to Greece again in May.  I will be facilitating international relations at the school helping to spread the broad message of the profession internationally with a cadre of speakers and eduction never before available.  Click here for more information on Southern College of Optometry and to see my Faculty Page.  

Thank you for a great 28+ years in Baltimore! 

(September 4, 2010)

It has truly been an honor and pleasure to serve the vision care needs of those who were my under my care from January of 1982 until the present.  I am now assuming my responsbilities at Southern College of Optometry and loving it.  I've already had the chance to go through many of the folders filled with ideas that I had tabled for some future day that is now upon me.  

It will take a while to work through these ideas, update them, bounce them off some colleagues and then get ready to see where the intellectual challenge takes me.  My hope is that it leads to new insights into how to help the public better through the development of new tools, the refinement of our current tools and finding new uses for each of these.  Without the years of experience you provided me I could not possibly imagine having my mind as primed as it is to shift to discovery and communication about those findings to students, colleagues and the public. 

So once again, thank you for all that you did to help me have the questions in mind that may trigger these changes.  You can contact me at either Paul.HarrisOD@gmail.com or PHarris@sco.edu.  My phone number at SCO is 901-722-3273.